BSD flavors?

Atommann atommann at
Wed May 5 21:22:27 EDT 2010


2010/5/6 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>:
> Kristoffer,
>> Was thinking. Perhaps it would be a good idea to spread
>> the news to the BSD people? Havent heard anything about
>> them developing for it yet. Im sure atleast the
>> NetBSD crew would want.
> Of course it's a good idea :-) Do you know anybody there?
> I never had much contact with the BSD crowd, so cannot help much...

NetBSD and OpenBSD have been ported to Loongson CPU.

I think someone can post a topic on "Porting *BSD to Ben Nanonote" in
the NetBSD mailing-list to see if there is someone are interested in
this device.
If someone has interesting, Qi-Hardware can donate a Nano.

By the way, I am a FreeBSD user but not a developer :(

[1] OpenBSD/loongson

[2] Anyone have interest in NetBSD for loongson

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