Giantplus/Ilitek registers R96h, R97h, RACh

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu May 6 08:16:53 EDT 2010

you mentioned the undocumented R96h, R97h and RACh registers in the Giantplus
TFT, which is actually in the Ilitek ILI8960 Drive IC inside the TFT module.
As you found out already, R96h and R97h are actually documented, and here is
what Yi got regarding RACh:

>From Ilitek Shanghai:

According to ILI8960 SPI Write method, the registers you mentioned
R96h, R97h, and RACh, are actually R56h, R57h, and R6Ch respectively.
R56h and R57h are documented in the datasheet, whereas R6Ch is not. As
described below for R6Ch, PREBUFT are for adjusting IC's driving
capability, PCT can be adjusted to lower IC's power consumption.

Bit   name

7     PREBUFT[3]
6     PREBUFT[2]
5     PREBUFT[1]
4     PREBUFT[0]
1     PCT[1]
0     PCT[0]

Hope this helps,

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