RF and DTN networking

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Sat May 8 16:11:28 EDT 2010

On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroquín
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> Maybe in terms of standards, UWB may be dead, however the potential of the
> technology is still there, you can get the most of it in applications of HD
> video-conferencing, you can use your own HW with the right antenna, which
> you can build yourself as well...there are some guys here (where I study),
> that have had succesful experiences with UWB fot P2P networking...

Any copyleft UWB hardware projects?

> And about the messages, I was talking about the messages from the hoperf
> modules...not about TI ones. I think the hoperf modules allow for more open
> HW stuff, as most of the TI (previously ChipCon) stuff works mostly with TI
> software.

"Established in 1983, IAR Systems is a part of Intoi, formerly Nocom,
since 2005."

Not part of Texas Instruments.

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