What do HopeRF modules cost?

Joachim Steiger roh at hyte.de
Sun May 9 11:29:17 EDT 2010

good idea. make it self-solderable, since there are different modules

(8xx, 9xx, 4xx mhz) for the different ism bands

e.g. i should be fine with 434 or 868 mhz modules here in europe, while
the 9xx module afaik is not (us-ism band)

check out



and similar projects

the module uses fsk, but with some tricky controlling also ask receivers
 like lighting-controll systems can be controlled.


the module got used a lot in hobbyists projects like this:


which shows that there are already people using it to move ip packets.

please make sure to stay compatible to these hacks / their wire/on the
air protocols for interoperability reasons.

also there are some linux patches about using gpio to connect them.

ps: google for "rfm12 linux" and remove hoperf from the string. its not
that often used in source or description of projects with these modules.

kind regards



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