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Rafael Campos methril at
Sun May 9 23:24:38 EDT 2010

Hi Bas (& list),

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 11:04 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> David,
>> some pics of it running :),
>> having a BNN as alarm clock is motivating, hope a OpenWrt version of
>> it will appear soon to include in the official image.
> Iris is a new kernel :-)
> Yes pictures would be awesome, also I am thinking how we make it easier for
> people to try Iris. I should look into how we can build it, and make it
> easy to boot from u-boot on microSD card or so. Just some easy steps people
> can go through to let Iris run...
> Or do we have that already? Anyway that's what I will look into.
> Great update news Bas!
> Wolfgang
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I was chating on IRC with Wolfgang and he told me that could be a good
feature. I'm familiar with u-boot and i see a really attracting the
approach of Iris kernel. I would like to help you on this feature, and
also try to document and bother you with questions to get the kernel
working on my Ben.

What do you think Bas?


Rafael Campos
o0 Methril 0o

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