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Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Mon May 10 18:35:23 EDT 2010


Here is URL for IM-ME hacking. (It does not use HopeRF, rather TI)

One brand name is GirlTech, Amazon has it for $30USD.

The console contains:

A CC1110F32 radio/processor: 32k flash, 4k ram, 900MHz transceiver,
with a debug port exposed.
An 8x24 LCD display, with backlight. The LCD has an SPI interface.
A full qwerty keyboard.
A piezoelectric sounder.
A voltage regulator, and a small number of sundry SMD parts -
transistors, Rs, and Cs.
The Wireless USB Dongle

The dongle contains:
A CC1110 radio/processor identical to that in the console.
A CY7C63803 processor with USB interface.
The FCC ID is Grantee code: PIY, product code: L7281D1

Ron K. Jeffries

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