Presenting the OpenMotic Project

Atommann atommann at
Tue May 11 00:00:42 EDT 2010

Dear Juan Camilo Chaparro,

2010/5/11 Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroquín <jcchaparro9 at>:
> Hi all:
> Wolfgang and Carlos have asked me to start some wiki pages about the project
> I'm doing right now, which I named OpenMotic. You can see more in the wiki
> itself, however, I wanted to ask for all your thoughts about the project,
> which I hope serves in long term for other developments (maybe another
> hardware platform?). Thanks in advance for your time, I hope you enjoy the
> info about the project.

I like this project, keep good documentation.
The ID800WT seems was made in China, do you have plans to design a new
hardware? Such as based on SAKC board design.

By the way, I ordered 2 XBEE module from several days
ago(I still did not get it yet).


Best regards,

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