Presenting the OpenMotic Project

Atommann atommann at
Tue May 11 03:23:36 EDT 2010


2010/5/11 Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroquín <jcchaparro9 at>:
> Hi Atomman:
> Thanks for looking at the project :)
>>I like this project, keep good documentation.
>>The ID800WT seems was made in China, do you have plans to design a new
>>hardware? Such as based on SAKC board design.
> Yes, I hope to develop a new hardware platform, with the help of the
> community. I would like it to be touchscreen based and to have the features
> of a tablet PC, and also use it for other purposes, like monitoring
> networks, as a graphical design tool, and other things...

Yea, many potential usage ideas: Monitoring, data logging, etc.
One can even bring it to kitchen to browse recipes, listen
radio/music, read news when cooking :)

> I'm working into setting up some libraries for using the XBEE modules in API
> mode, I would like to know what application you have targeted for your
> modules :) , so we can work together.

I want to try Lady Ada's Tweet-A-Watt project.

Lady Ada -- Twitt-A-Watt

Best regards,

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