Presenting the OpenMotic Project

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Tue May 11 07:08:52 EDT 2010


Yea, many potential usage ideas: Monitoring, data logging, etc.
> One can even bring it to kitchen to browse recipes, listen
> radio/music, read news when cooking :)
The next Qi device will be a generic platform with touch screen, wifi, 3G,
and a lot of available ports  :)

> > I'm working into setting up some libraries for using the XBEE modules in
> > mode, I would like to know what application you have targeted for your
> > modules :) , so we can work together.
> I want to try Lady Ada's Tweet-A-Watt project.
> Lady Ada -- Twitt-A-Watt
> --

We are interested in this area, power meter will be the next SAKC demo :)


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