Bad block inside kernel nand mapping

Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer.ericson at
Tue May 11 13:56:07 EDT 2010


Thought that I would give the debian release a try and tried
to reflash my device.

I ended up having great difficulty getting this to work. First off
the bootloader flashing didnt work so I redid it about 7-8 times
before it seemed to work.
When I try to flash the kernel It gives me at the end
"Skip a old bad block!" and while the bootloader loads the
kernel it reacts at the bad CRC.

Ive made sure to erase the nand before writing, both by myself
and using scripts. Ive tried several kernels without success and
I always get exact same error.

So, as far as I can understand I would need to :
1) change u-boot to ignore bad CRC
2) map kernel area somewhere else

Any ideas on what I might have missed? Ive done all the
change cable, change usb port, restart and so on. 

Best wishes

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