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Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Tue May 11 21:31:19 EDT 2010

SWEET(!) hardware specs for Sungale Wi-Fi Touch ID800WT [1]

Does it run a Linux variant out of the box?

Hardware functionality meets my needs:

-- Touch screen!!
-- 7 inch(or is it 8?) 800x600 TFT LCD
-- USB Host (also USB device)
-- WiFi
-- SD card
-- 512 MB RAM
-- 7 inch (or is it 8?) 800x600 LCD

$175 seems a little pricey, but that has one direction to go: DOWN.

This is not targeted as a mobile device. However it would be nice if a
nice looking case was designed for it.

Assuming we want to reverse engineer this baby, a couple of low risk
(but high reward) hardware tweaks come to mind.

>> accomodate  an ~interbnal! AVR [or similar] microcontoller, loosly coupled 9maybe serial?) to the main SOC. Use the AVR to deliver PLENTY of i/o of various flavors. This could be as simple as a space where a variety
of add-on cards could be piggybacked.

>> add support for an external keyboard.

In summary an "opened up" ID800WT sounds interesting.
Not sure it beats the Hawkboard, now shipping for $89.[2]

May 1,000 flowers bloom.


Ron K. Jeffries

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 17:51, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Juan Camilo,
>> itself, however, I wanted to ask for all your thoughts about the project,
>> which I hope serves in long term for other developments (maybe another
>> hardware platform?). Thanks in advance for your time, I hope you enjoy the
>> info about the project.
> Wow pretty impressive. I thought you are only trying to open up the software
> on the Sungale picture frame, didn't know it's such a big project with
> ZigBee and all.
> Keep it up, and keep us posted. I'll see whether I can do something on the
> Sungale side.
> Best Regards,
> Wolfgang
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