Sunrex visit, makers of the Ben NanoNote keyboard

Adam Wang adam at
Wed May 12 22:29:36 EDT 2010


> We saw an amazing mix of high-tech machinery, cleanrooms, and thousands of
> people working together on the many worksteps that exist in keyboard
> production.

Wow, what a amazing visit you were there.

> *) We agreed that on the next order, we will establish a precise vertical
>   tolerance. They said minimum would be .3 mm (.15 mm top and bottom), but
>   that would reduce the yield. So they will send us multiple sets, produced
>   with different tolerances (.3, .5, .8 mm), then we pick the one we still
>   find acceptable and from then on we hopefully can avoid time consuming
>   go arounds.

Do you think that if design file of metal dome we can have it?

> *) Addition of backlight is possible, but Sunrex only makes the top part
>   of our keyboard, not the metal dome underneath. So I don't know how the
>   light source could reach the keys nicely from underneath. Forgot to ask
>   whether/how backlighting can be used with metal dome based keyboards.

Good idea.


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