LCD board

Adam Wang adam at
Thu May 13 08:34:45 EDT 2010


> The LCD has a small PCB with a single circuit for the Back light LED. This
> PCB is made for us? The LCD is sold with this PCB?   On SAKC we want to use
> the LCD only, for save some money and space, so we include the LED circuit
> on the same board. Do you know the reference for the LCD connector (40
>  pins)?
> Is a good idea include the LED circuit? or the PCB is necessary for
> flexibility, I mean easy LDC replacement.?

The LCD module GPM940B0 is a standardized part from GiantPlus
manufacturer. Surely it's a good idea to include drive circuit on the
newer SAKC board with several parts. For a convenient connection with
LCD, yes use a 40 pins connector will bw a must for this approach.
Give me some times to work on this.

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