Ingenic roadmap

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Fri May 14 15:08:08 EDT 2010

Is there any news on new, faster, more capable SOCs from
our friends at Ingenic?

How widely used are Ingenic SOCs? Are they a lot cheaper
than alternatives?

There was a semi-interesting exchange on
where someone scolded me because the SOC in Nanonote
is not open enough. His concern is the documentation is
NDA, although he agreed Ingenic docs are available on a
"trust" basis.

My challenge is: "Show me a fully open SOC." As you might
expect, Milkymist was the alternative offered

Milkymist (fully open SOC implemented on an FPGA)
is a ~GREAT!~ project. But the cost and performance of FPGAs
that implement an SOC do NOT come close to meeting requirements
for building a semi-mass produced consumer electronic gadget
such as Nanonote.

Ron K. Jeffries

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