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Marco Castorina marco.castorina at
Wed May 19 10:51:34 EDT 2010

Hi all,
as part of my last year project, we're going to
create a game that relies on an SMS server.
Here's what the pipeline should be: a user send
his/her first text and get registered into the system.
Later we will send a text i.e. containing a question
and he's going to send back the answer. Our
server must analyse the answer, eventually calculate
the score, store the data and send back a text
with feedback. Scores will be linked to each
individual profile and accessible from a web page.

The game is going to run for one week and we
hope to get 5/10.000 students playing it. This
mean an average of at least 10/20.000 text a
day. Also, some of the challenges rely on
response time, so it's critical that the system
can handle a big number of texts sent at the
same time.

We are assuming that we'll get some sponsors
and we won't have to pay for texts and equipment.

These are the main characteristics, if you need
any other information, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance!


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