Open SmartGrid proposal

Andrés Calderón andres.calderon at
Thu May 20 17:26:05 EDT 2010


There is an ongoing trend toward the deployment of Smart (Energy) Grid
 [1] for a better use of energy resources.

One of the most common issues in this process is the lack of
standards. I think that using the open hardware/software model our
community could make a major contribution to the definition of
(self-organized) standards.

My partner Carlos Camargo and I have  developed devices for the
measurement of energy and power quality based on ARM processors and
FPGA devices. We are currently working on energy measurement devices
based  on SACK prototypes and we believe that it would be good
integrate this  initiative to Qi community projects.

A smart grid based on open technologies has not been tested before and
can have a major environmental impact.

Virtually all major players are interested in the  SmartGrids
[2][3][4][5], I think it's an interesting area where we can make a
major contribution.



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