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El día 20 de mayo de 2010 23:26, Andrés Calderón
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> Hi,
> There is an ongoing trend toward the deployment of Smart (Energy) Grid
>  [1] for a better use of energy resources.
> One of the most common issues in this process is the lack of
> standards. I think that using the open hardware/software model our
> community could make a major contribution to the definition of
> (self-organized) standards.
> My partner Carlos Camargo and I have  developed devices for the
> measurement of energy and power quality based on ARM processors and
> FPGA devices. We are currently working on energy measurement devices
> based  on SACK prototypes and we believe that it would be good
> integrate this  initiative to Qi community projects.
> A smart grid based on open technologies has not been tested before and
> can have a major environmental impact.
> Virtually all major players are interested in the  SmartGrids
> [2][3][4][5], I think it's an interesting area where we can make a
> major contribution.
> Regards,
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
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In my last meeting on PireneLab I was asked for energy measurement
solutions many times, put an Ethernet port, and low power consumption
to that device and they will be a lot of eyes on it.

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