Open SmartGrid proposal

cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at
Thu May 20 21:47:10 EDT 2010

First let me said, great idea ! cheers on that

> Hi Bryan, That's awesome,  we are very interested in this topic, as Andres
> said, we are working on this area, maybe we can help you with this demo, of

Do you have some Case of Study to check? i think that can help a lot

> course, making an open project if is possible. We want to build a demo in
> Colombia, but, we want to develop the entire grid. From generators to users,

Big project, i just talked once with a friend in france about measuring and then reducing
costs in public light systems using smalls MCU and mesh networking.

So i really what to ask you what's the starting point for this comunication,
that you already know that works or what you think about it

> enabling bi-directional communication in each grid node.

Last thing, i think you must register NOW a domain and put a nice home and a wiki,
qihardware documentation tecnical is an intersting point to start, and also
to make this open is best way to call people to look at it comment, sahre
and build.

best regards

Hope we can chat a bit in campus party  later ;)

Cristian Paul
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