RoHS, FCC, CE, other Certification for SAKC?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sun May 23 02:16:43 EDT 2010


> This evaluation board/kit does not fall within the scope of the
> European Union directives regarding electromagnetic compatibility,
> restricted substances (RoHS), recycling (WEEE), FCC, CE or UL, and

> Looks like BeagleBoard didn't have any of the certificates. Will be
> this sufficient for SAKC?

I didn't know that BeagleBoard says it does 'not fall within the scope
of' for example RoHS. Not sure whether the actual board is RoHS compliant
or not.
At the very least, SAKC should be RoHS compliant, and there should not
be a need for us to say that we don't fall within the scope of that
directive. It's important that we design the board in such a way that
someone else can later build a final product that can meet RoHS, CE
& FCC and other necessary requirements.

How best to achieve that?
Maybe have a disclaimer just like BeagleBoard, but include RoHS compliance?

Thanks for bringing this up!

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