State of BNN-Debian

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at
Tue May 25 02:30:23 EDT 2010

Some time ago I have installed Debian on my BNN. I know that
differents Debian projects were going on, but since the problem of
Kernel configuration is solved, I have not hear from them.

I have seen that there is a rootfs and kernel at with basic
instructions. I have not tested them, as I focus on my on rootfs and
kernel (presently I use it on mmc)

The main problem now, for me, and I suppose for other Debian devellopper is :
 -  How to configure Debian on the Nanonotes to cope with small ram,
small screen, small keyboard,...
 - What are the useful applications yet available as Binary in Debian,
and how to configure them. (I have yet successfully installed ,
editors including emacs, some PIM applications calendar, address-book,
 apps for sound, framebuffer images, framebufferterminal, I stiil have
not achieved a proper keyboard configuration with Xorg or Kdrive (no
problem with frame buffer terminal, I am also still looking for a
proper input method configuration).
 - What is the better platform to develop for Debian (openembedded,
buildroot, scratchbox ...), what cross-compilation tools are available
and how to configure them.
 - How to use emulation to test our software.
 - What are the critical packages that would gain to be reconfigured
for BNN, and recompiled with more specifics flags (Debian mipsel are
compiled for MIPS1, BNN is MIPS32)

All these I'm not able to solve them alone as part-time BNN
developper. But we may progress if we setup a structure to exchange
knowledge, and software.

Each point of the previous list, and many others, could be a page from
a Wiki, a central reference point is needed, it can not be replaced by
a discussion thread on a mailing list, or an IRC chat.

I have not the time to carry over such task by myself, but if other
Debian developers on BNN find it useful, we could set up together such

One way would be to use  QI-hardware wiki pages and/or indefero
project, or to set-up a specific site.
If some people are interested in contributing, we could start
something, of course communicating, documenting, is time-consuming,
but to try again and again to solve a problem in a parallel, non
communicating thread than your fellow developers is still more time


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