question about serial communication

Tao Jin jintao.pku at
Thu May 27 20:15:11 EDT 2010

Dear all,

I ran across this mailing list on the web.  I have a question about
serial comm. in embedded system.  Hopefully this is the right place to
ask such question.

I am working a program that has zigbee cc2530 SoC communicate with
host device, mobile phone, through serial interface.  The baud rate is
set as 115200 Kbps at both zigbee chip and host device.  When I ping 1
byte from host dev to zigbee, and zigbee echo back the response,  the
RTT was around 10ms.  I think this has to do with some uncertain delay
on the serial link.  Anyone could show some guidance how to get around
the high overhead on serial link?  Or this is something unavoidable?

thanks a lot in advance!!!!


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