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On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 11:29:57PM -0500, Camilo Andres Diaz Botia wrote:
> I want to know how the ben's mmc driver reads the four data lines of the SD
> card. I believe they are read in the function jz4740_mmc_read_data, however
> I haven't managed to find where the function "*readl*" is defined (same as
> writel in function jz4740_mmc_read_data).

Those are deep inside the kernel.  They are used to read from and write
(32 bit) to memory-mapped i/o addresses.  There is also writew/readw for
16-bit and writeb/readb for 8 bit.

For these sort of questions, you can use the Linux cross-reference,  Searching for writel gives some results;
the only one which isn't for non-mips is
Going from there to __raw_writel sends you to
which is the definition you were looking for.

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