Re-compile lua to use double precision for floating-point numbers

Delbert Franz ddf at
Sun May 2 17:42:31 EDT 2010

I'm trying to set the values for Lua so that it will use double 
precision for floating point numbers.  Yes, I know it will be slow:) 
However, I am trying to compare the Nanonote to some other small 
computers I have, and all of them come with Lua set to use double 
precision for floating-pint numbers.  Since I am already doing a 
custom image for the Nanonote I thought it should not be that hard to 
get Lua compiled to do the same:) 

Well, it turns out to be rather too complex for me:( The latest 
version of Lua (5.1.4) from its website has a luaconf.h which contains 
the number definition.  Openwrt extensively patches/modifies this so 
that in addition to luaconf.h, there is a lnum_config.h file as well.  
Not having programmed in C for some decades, all of my attempts ended 
either not changing the number representation or in changing it in 
such a way that parts were broken.  

Does anyone on this list know what changes are required in luaconf.h 
and lnum_config.h so that Lua will properly use double-precision 
floating point numbers?  If not, what is the best place within the 
OpenWRT community to inquire as to how that should be done?  


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