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On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 13:00, Guylhem Aznar <nanonote at> wrote:

> All that is very good news, but is it necessary for to
> display a warning, without any link to the original page, without any
> link to reach it at the bottom of, when the browser is found
> to be from a non-free OS?
> Besides bothering people and proving 3l33t htaccess sk1ll5, I fail to
> see the point. (it reminds me when I was new to html and playing with
> customised 404 :-)
> At least make that warning conditional, ie display it only when the
> page to be opened is the site index.
Why would the site display a warning during any scenario other than
downloading? And even then, why display a warning that interrupts the entire
browsing experience?

This really smacks of elitism. I'm not looking to run pyneo on my Mac, I
just want to read about it.

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