Debian on the Nano

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon May 3 20:46:38 EDT 2010


> Do I keep making these makefiles or better forget it and install debian?

First of all thank you so much for working on those makefiles to integrate
yacas and 4th into openwrt. That's fantastic!

To answer your question, I would say pick the path that allows you to get
results faster/easier, for yourself. If that's Debian, then either you can
still work on an OpenWrt inclusion out of the joy of learning about OpenWrt,
or you can point others to the open issue. The most motivating thing for
others is to see that you got something to work (success reports,
screenshots, etc). So pick the path that gets you there first.

>From my own selfish perspective I would say help us integrate more into
OpenWrt, because that will be my primary platform to bring out 100% of what
the hardware can do. OpenWrt seems a lot more malleable and customizable
than Debian, so it's better suited for that task. We have big plans with
OpenWrt, because we have big plans with future devices :-)


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