Using the Qi as a USB key - g_file_storage question

Guylhem Aznar nanonote at
Tue May 4 09:55:31 EDT 2010


Some time ago I presented an idea I had: using the Qi as a encrypted
USB key where the decryption key is entered on the QI, thus diverting
hardware keyloggers

I would also like to make it possible to boot a computer from the Qi,
using it to mimick a usb-storage non-removable media, to divert
software keyloggers

The goal is simple : when you have a potentially hostile machine, you
could use the first mode to send data from the Qi to the machine (ex:
virus removing software for windows), and the 2nd mode to safely
access files on the machine (ex: manually removing trojan). This is a
very simple description, but it should be enough to see the point.

I though about loop-aes for the encrypted partition, using a password
prompt to decrypt and mount the transflash. The "remote boot" would
simply require a boot partition containing x86 binaries - hopefully
the BIOS can see it and boot from it.

Is it possible to use g_file_storage for a directory?
I only found informations on
but apparently it doesn't work well with fuse.
If I can only share a device, the QI wouldn't have access to the
encrypted directory.

Can it safely coexist with g_ether mode?
Any pointer is welcome. g_file+g_ether would allow telnetting to the
x86 machine from the QI, to divert hardware keyloggers even when
booting from the QI.


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