Yacas ported? Testers needed

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Wed May 5 09:54:26 EDT 2010


> I already ported few other packages: 
> http://fast10.vsb.cz/brozovsky/data/ports/ 

wow this is a fantastic site! So clean and well documented...
We don't have a very clean wiki document yet how to get packages into
OpenWrt, the package feed or into the base image.
So I'll just start with something:

*) create an account at http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/login/
*) email me your account name and I will add you to the openwrt-packages and
openwrt-xburst projects as member (Mirko Vogt or other admins of those
projects can do that too)
*) you are then able to commit your package Makefiles using git
*) if you think the work on the Makefile is not finished yet, but you want
to share it already so others can help with the rest, please mark it as
depends = @BROKEN
Then it will not break our automated build process.

Of course anybody can do this, not just Jiri, also myself. It's just a matter
of getting to it, but I thought I document the procedure.
I would love to have some of those tools in our base image or package repo,
I mainly use command line programs on my Nano until now...

Best Regards, thanks again for the great porting work!

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