Ben's software: a user perspective

Fernando fcarello at
Fri May 7 19:46:53 EDT 2010

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the great attitude.

In other open source projects, criticism (even very light and constructive 
criticism) is often taken hastily.
I'm really happy this is not the case! Great community.

David makes an excellent point here:

> I suggest to do a report on what are you working on right now, and
> what are you next moves, over it we can do some todo list on the wiki
> all toghether, mark the most feasable goals to reach  and start
> working on the next(or second next) release.
We could take the next image as a basis, then write down volunteers along with 
specific skills and notes, and start assigning some tasks from the pending 
More experienced developers could show the way and assist during the initial 
phase, like tutors; it would be important to have wiki spaces for each project, 
where one can write down implementation notes, experiences, stuff learned and 
of course keep track of project status and things to do.
Source repositories for the various projects could be managed by git or 
whatever staff developers are using. One source management system for everyone, 
to avoid sync hell. :-)
I think that documentation is very important.
Things like how to build successfully, how to sync with the source tree, how 
to package an application should, in my opinion, be described step-by-step in a 
fool-proof fashion.
I had an hard time myself building a very simple "hello world" a.out; I 
succeeded thanks to the wonderful people here.
I can only imagine how hard could it be to build a complex QT/DirectFB 
application: we're going to need some good tutorial.

Ok, things are promising and exciting. :-)

Thanks again for the great response so far!


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