Ben's software: a user perspective

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat May 8 03:56:16 EDT 2010


> But, I think (personal opinion...) that the Ben should be graced with a
> reasonable suite of user-friendly GUI utilities, properly integrated
> with gmenu2x. Like gmu, as an example.

> I think that the Ben would shine with:
> I think we also need to address some long standing bugs:

thanks for writing this up, I think there will be no flames whatsoever
because pretty much everybody agrees with your priorities (as you can see
from the other answers already).

Just want to make sure - we are all talking about the OpenWrt images here?
The set of applications that should come preinstalled in an image?

Is our projects server at the right way to handle
contributions into the image?
Is the wiki the right way to organize the schedule, test plan, feature
wishlist, milestones, documentation?

> Maybe, if some of you share my point of view, we could try and organize a
> developing team. In my opinion, this team should be actively driven by
> Sharism/QI staff people and work steadily (if slowly), by milestones, in
> order not to waste resources.

So let's define milestones. In the wiki?

I would offer to go through the wiki pages and align them along the lines
described by Fernando, as a first step. If anybody thinks that's not a good
idea let me know.
Fernando - thanks again for writing this up!

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