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marc zonzon marc.zonzon at gmail.com
Sat May 8 09:07:25 EDT 2010

2010/5/8 Rubén Berenguel <ruben at mostlymaths.net>

> A question: reflashing will preserve the contents of the separate
> partition? I.e. will only erase the 256 mb booting partition, or all
> the 2gb flash? It is getting somewhat annoying copying data back and
> forth...
> Ruben
> I have not yet reflashed, but by looking to reflash_ben I see:
  usbboot -c "boot;nerase 16 512 0 0"
That would imply that only the first 256Mb rootfs is erased. But it was also
the same with the previous reflash_ben, for what I see main difference with
the new script is a better logging of script output and control of errors at
each step avoiding to continue when previous step has failed.

But you will get a better answer by the QI team.

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