[xburst-tools update] xburst-tools_0.0+201004-0.1 Debian Package

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Sun May 9 22:08:06 EDT 2010

Hi All

we have upload the new version of xburst-tools[1]. add another command *xbboot*.

xbboot can easy let you organize the Ingenic Vendor USB Request.
it's make Ingenic Vendor Request out of the source code. all in command line.

xbboot have an option to upload u-boot/zImage-initramfs to ben nanonote.
	1. run "sudo xbboot -u 0x80100000 u-boot.bin" or "sudo xbboot -u 0x80600000 zimage-initramfs.bin"
		it's will wait nanonote connect.
	2. boot nanonote to usbboot mode, plug nanonote to PC.
	3. then your nanonote will boot to u-boot or zimage-initramfs.

for more information please read the xbboot manual.
you can found the u-boot-for-xbboot.bin and zImage-initramfs.bin at [2]


Best Regards
Xiangfu Liu

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