Ben's software: a user perspective

Fernando Carello fcarello at
Mon May 10 11:13:22 EDT 2010

Thank you all. :-)

A few ideas:

- Image viewer: great idea, a working image viewer (DirectFB-based, I'd say) would be great. An image viewer with video capabilities would be even better.
Anyone knows if DirectFB works on the Nanonote? If not, things to do to make it work? I'm a volounteer for the task.

- PIM: I think that QT would be a great platform for PIM apps. Maybe Nokia even released sort of a class-library with some PIM functionalities. Will investigate about policy, license etc.
There are also some PIM-oriented QT apps which could be ported/adapted.

Marco Castorina studied QT on the Ben, and is writing a tutorial. He's quite busy right now but offered to help; thanks Marco!

So, how does wiki updating work?
Say I want to add an item in the software wish list..?
Sorry, I'm a total newbie in the wiki world. :-)


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