Started working on an image viewer: need resizing C source

Mattes Sarcander mtsrc at
Wed May 12 02:35:04 EDT 2010

Fernando <fcarello at> wrote:

are you aware of the projects GPE[1] and OPIE[2]?
Both are PIM suites aimed at PDAs and other small devices (starting at
resolutions of 320x240). GPE is GTK-based, OPIE QT-based. Both already
have an image viewer (and calendar tools and so on). GPE seems to be
included in the Debian main repository, too.



> Hello,
> I think we agreed that one of the nice-to-have apps is a simple image
> viewer.
> I've started working on it, using SDL.
> To tell the true, I'm shamelessy borrowing code snippets from an SDL
> Tutorial. :-)
> As always: it will start as a very basic app, and then we'll see what
> we can do.
> Now: since I want to integrate some very basic zoom in / zoom out 
> functionality, I need to implement an arbitrary resize algorythm; you
> know, bilinear or bicubic resampling.
> Does anyone know of a clean C source implementation we can use? It
> has to be very simple, since it's better not to have to deal with
> complex dependencies, custom data structures etc.
> I usually work with FreeImageLib and ImageMagick, but they obviously
> aren't feasible for the Ben.
> Thanks,
> Fernando

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