Started working on an image viewer: need resizing C source

Fernando Carello fcarello at
Wed May 12 09:24:40 EDT 2010

Never mind. I've found a way to rescale images within SDL.

@ Juan Camilo: 
Qt-based image viewer would be nice, problem is I'm not proficient with C++ and don't know Qt besides the typical Hello World
Moreover, Qt is quite focused on mouse or touch screen interaction; with the Ben maybe we should exploit hotkey-based interaction, at least for such an easy app like an image viewer

@ Mattes:
Yes, having Opie in all its glory fully working on the Ben would be GREAT, in my opinion.
I'm not able to start a porting effort (since I'm not strong in C++ or Qt), nor to supervise such an effort.
My idea is to start porting/writing some very simple apps which work reliably on easy tasks; then build momentum thanks to these simple apps and gather volunteers for more complex projects (like porting Opie to openwrt-xburst)

Now we have some basic bricks: music player, PDF reader, image viewer (on its way).
We need to integrate them in gmenu2x.

Then we'll need a simple PIM and hopefully a video player.

Then we can show the Ben to non-techie friends and colleagues. :-) 


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