Test Nokia OEM Bl-5C Li-Ion Battery with Authentic Nokia Hologram: got 6.5 hours of music play!

Delbert Franz ddf at sonic.net
Wed May 12 20:36:50 EDT 2010

Got this battery from :


yesterday.  The cost, with shipping, was a little over $10.  There 
seem to be many BL-5C batteries available with a range of prices.  A 
bit confusing.  There were cheaper ones without the hologram.  One
was claimed to not be Nokia by one reviewer.  Others had a dud 
battery, which they had to return. 

The lid is snug on the battery but it can be closed without much extra 
effort.  I added a cardboard shim, 0.4 mm thick, held in place with 
cellophane tape that was then folded over on itself to form a pull tab 
for getting the battery out.  The web site gives no capacity for the 
battery but it is a few grams heavier than the one that comes with the 
Ben.  Some versions of the battery claim 1050 milliamp hours, others 
claim 850 milliamp hours.  Based on weight and taking a simple ratio, 
I suspect it is close to 1000 milliamp hours capacity or 1 amphr.  

My first test so far was to fully charge it, and then run the Ben on 
battery, playing music with gmu feeding some PC speakers--not 
headphones.  I don't know what the load difference between the two 
might be.  I would stop gmu occasionally and check the voltage given 
by the Ben using 

cat /sys/class/power_suppy/battery/voltage_now

and I stopped the test when the indicated voltage was 3.65 volts 
(actually shows as 365...., with the lower digits appearing to be 
rather noisy).  I got 6.5 hours of play under these conditions.  It 
then took a bit more than 2 hours to recharge with the Ben turned off.  

This version of the BL-5C is certainly worth its small cost.  


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