SDL very slow (benchmark)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri May 14 14:17:53 EDT 2010


> By the way: how can I share some files with the list? I don't have a working 
> online repository at the moment.
> PS: please let me know if I can submit binary file + source code + makefile 
> somewhere. I'm not accustomed with git and software management systems in 
> general. :-)

Do you have an account on the projects server? I didn't see any user name
that looked like Fernando...
If not, can you please create an acount here:

After that, one way would be to create a issue in the Ben NanoNote project
and attach your files there:

Or I can create a DAV account on for you, then
you can have a people folder there.
Maybe let's try the projects server first.

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