imgv v0.2.0

jirka jirka at
Mon May 24 13:07:55 EDT 2010

Hello Fernando,

> Probably not. :-)
> I don't have my Ben here right now. I'll have a look at this behaviour
> tonight, we'll see what's up.

Many thanks!
> imgv *  
> scans all the supported images in the current directory and builds an
> internal list.
> Then loads and shows the various images using "next" and "previous"
> hotkeys ('n' and 'p').
> What do you think? 

Yes, tah is a very good idea. But "*" will be probably automaticaly
by shell into list of filenames. I think that somenting like "imgv ." can
be better.

Best regards,
Jiri Brozovsky

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