Future Copyleft devices

Sam Geeraerts samgee at elmundolibre.be
Tue May 25 15:59:29 EDT 2010

Ron K. Jeffries schreef:
> With over 500 Nanonotes now out in the wild, why is this list so quiet?
> Where is the passion, the enthusiasm? Fair question, methinks. ;)

I'm mostly lurking because I don't know much about hardware and low 
level software development and I don't have much time to play with my 
NanoNote. I bought it for the same reason I bought a GP2X, a Freerunner 
and a YeeLoong: I very much want free-software-friendly hardware to 
succeed. More open hardware (and especially copyleft hardware) would 
make the free software ecosystem much more comfortable (cooperation 
between hardware and software devs instead of NDAs and reverse engineering).

I hope that my next hard drive/motherboard/video card/cell phone/TV/car 
can/will run free software (while using the hardware to its full 
potential) and will (ideally) be copyleft hardware.

Regarding just the NanoNote for now: I realize that its success depends 
for a large part on the applications it can run and the use cases people 
can find for it. Instead of singing the boring old free software dev's 
"I don't have much time" song I should roll up my sleeves and do 
something about it. Maybe I will, later. :)

Until then I'll say that the recent suggestion of making a list of 
needed applications and gently nudging (potential) developers in its 
direction is a good idea.

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