Future Copyleft devices

Fernando fcarello at libero.it
Tue May 25 19:09:54 EDT 2010

> With over 500 Nanonotes now out in the wild, why is this list so quiet?
> Where is the passion, the enthusiasm? Fair question, methinks. ;)

We Need Easy-to-use, Captivating, Useful Software.

Seriously, what may people *do* with the Ben at the moment?
Basically no personal productivity software, no PIM, no complete multimedia 
player, no independent Internet access, no self-hosting dev suite.
Right now, the Ben is like a toolbox we have to fill with, well, tools. 
Possibly user-oriented tools. GUI tools. Ben-tailored tools.
It is exciting for some, yet frustrating for many.
We have to roll up our sleeves, put off the nerd-suit and wear the user-
oriented-developer suit, for a while at least. :-)
We can do it !

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