Future Copyleft devices

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue May 25 14:02:50 EDT 2010

> Way back, at the beginning, i.e. 10 months ago,
> there was chatter about making Nanonote an offline
> Wikipedia reader.
> On the other hand, the OpenMoko guys designed
> a purpose built WikiReader with killer battery life.
> Not sure that has been a success, as it has very little
> visibility.

Unfortunately the Wikimedia Foundation has lost track of its real mission
nowadays. They think they get donations to upgrade their office and staff
levels, not for spreading free knowledge to the world.
So they think 'offline' is not interesting because it won't connect them
to new donors. A very appalling view considering that hundreds of billions
are spent in the 'war on terror' where I believe some good education could
do wonders. Pakistan is now censoring the 'online' Wikipedia well, how come...

So I do believe the Wikimedia Foundation should put in a PO for 10K
WikiReaders today, and airlift them to Pakistan.
The distinction between offline and online is flawed, the WikiReader is just
a delay-tolerant extension of Wikipedia, whereas the browsers the WMF is
focusing on are not.

For the NanoNote, we cannot compensate quickly what the WMF is not willing
to do. I wish they would support openzim more, or other delay-tolerant ways
to spread the great free knowledge that is being built.

So absolutely definitely I want to have a delay-tolerant version of Wikipedia
and other free knowledge projects on my NanoNote. But realistically I think
it will take some time to get there... If anybody reads this who can help,
please buy a NanoNote and start hacking!
At least I am sure 99% of the people who contribute to free knowledge projects
do so because they are excited about the vision of free software for every
human being on the planet (and beyond - interplanetary networks we are coming!)

Way to go WikiReader, and way to go NanoNote!

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