Future Copyleft devices

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue May 25 14:16:07 EDT 2010


> At the same time, there is no wikipedia article about the NanoNote,
> Qi-Hardware nor Sharism.cc...its an aside...

I don't like all these companies trying to sidetrack Wikipedia for their own
purpose. I would have a hundred ways to get a good Wikipedia article up
there, but nah... I have some respect for this project, and their true

Please let's not get some junk into Wikipedia, the NanoNote, or copyleft
hardware, are not at the stage that they are newsworthy enough to be
included in a high quality encyclopedia.

This is not about me playing honorable gentleman. It's about effective
marketing. We are selling! Please buy NanoNotes. We need money! I resisted
the change to qi-hardware.org and I also think a Wikipedia article as in
giving us some sort of encyclopedic blessing is the wrong thing to
aim for. BTW, upcoming devices: Milkymist One, SAKC, Ya NanoNote.
I don't need Wikipedia articles for any of this, I need sales, and I
don't want to hijack Wikipedia as my sales tool.

Ron - have you bought your NanoNote yet?


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