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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
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On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 8:16 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at sharism.cc> wrote:
> Jon,
>> At the same time, there is no wikipedia article about the NanoNote,
>> Qi-Hardware nor Sharism.cc...its an aside...
> I don't like all these companies trying to sidetrack Wikipedia for their own
> purpose. I would have a hundred ways to get a good Wikipedia article up
> there, but nah... I have some respect for this project, and their true
> vision.
> Please let's not get some junk into Wikipedia, the NanoNote, or copyleft
> hardware, are not at the stage that they are newsworthy enough to be
> included in a high quality encyclopedia.
> This is not about me playing honorable gentleman. It's about effective
> marketing. We are selling! Please buy NanoNotes. We need money! I resisted
> the change to qi-hardware.org and I also think a Wikipedia article as in
> giving us some sort of encyclopedic blessing is the wrong thing to
> aim for. BTW, upcoming devices: Milkymist One, SAKC, Ya NanoNote.
> I don't need Wikipedia articles for any of this, I need sales, and I
> don't want to hijack Wikipedia as my sales tool.
> Ron - have you bought your NanoNote yet?
> http://nanonote.cc
> Wolfgang
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