Future Copyleft devices

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Wed May 26 09:04:34 EDT 2010


> common policy, to avoid to have only a bunch of scattered pages. There
> is two models to remedy that, the centralized where some people
> (helped by robots) browse the whole content and , recall the policies
> to authors, delete unsuitable pages, or propose changes, the
> distributed model where each project is responsible of its own policy,
> Because it is lighter and allows a quicker feedback, I would propose
> to better have the distributed model for Nanonote software.
> It is what I have proposed for the project of Debian-BNN without any success -):

OK don't give up your hopes just yet :-)
I think many people are reading your excellent mails and contributions,
and I agree the wiki is the absolute most important piece in our
copyleft hardware project, if we want to succeed in the long run.

Right now, we definitely have the 'bunch of scattered pages' you are
describing. While it is easy to agree with what you are saying, it takes
some critical mass to get a good wiki going.
I will try to do my share, and mails like yours are encouraging, I believe
slowly more people will join the effort...

The wiki is up there, it's a well maintained server, anybody can edit,
it's our homepage. I think that's a starting point.

Thanks again for your mail,

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