Future Copyleft devices

Fernando Carello fcarello at libero.it
Wed May 26 10:00:58 EDT 2010

Hello Phil,

> Speaking only for myself as 1/500th of the userbase: because it doesn't 
> do anything useful, so it will sit on the corner of my desk and get 
> covered in dust.  It's a solution in search of a problem.  No, this is 
> not a software issue: we now have all those thousands of packages in 
> Debian

I don't agree on this point.
Yes we have potentially a large number of packages, but
no Ben-tailored packages.
Which use for say Firefox on the Ben? No mouse, 320x240 pixels?
Same goes for Nautilus, FSpot and so on.

> The problem is that it has no connectivity (or expansion that 
> supports connectivity, except for the one expensive micro-SD WiFi 
> card). 

Indeed this is a very serious limitation; but the average smartphone does not have so large a keyboard, for example; nor it costs $99.
And usually, developing an app for a smartphone is quite more difficult than for the Ben.

I still think that with an appropriate software suite, the Ben can be quite useful, even outside Geekland.

I would love using it with PIM apps, and to fill my worksheets, play the odd game, take quick notes. 
It would be way more comfortable at these tasks than my Samsung i780 with its teeny limited keyboard and 2.2" square screen.


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