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I use my NanoNote for:

- Calendaring with Gcal
- Music player with GMU
- Hacking about with Python, Guile, and Lua.
- Surprising people: "What is that thing?"

I'm looking forward to trying out the PDF viewer. Best wishes to everyone working on this great little device.

- mark adrian bell

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Well, I've been a happy Nanonote user for a few weeks now, and here are my usual uses:

1. IRC. I leave it hooked up to my laptop, and instead of a seperate window for IRC, I can have a seperate keyboard and screen. With bitlbee on my laptop, I can have IM as well.

2. Yet another music player.
3. Simple notetaking with nano (nano on the nano, eh?)
4. General linux mucking around.

I would like to see more software made available through the "opkg" tool... editors, games, etc... I'd also like to see system updates migrate towards opkg rather than re-flash, re-flash, re-flash. 

I'd also like a few ham radio utilities, but I'll probably have to figure out how to port them myself, and how to hack the microphone input to give an input port. It would make a great little decoder for PSK31 / other digital radio modes.

I'm attracted to hacking on the nanonote for the same reasons I was once attracted to hacking on the Commodore 64 - a limited but well known hardware system with open and accessable programming languages will attract unique and interesting software systems to it.

It's also just a lot of fun!

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