Future Copyleft devices

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Thu May 27 21:25:20 EDT 2010


> > > http://sharism.cc/ : "Copyleft hardware"
> The part where it says "Copyleft hardware".

ah OK, got it.
On the sharism.cc homepage (which is not a wiki and not editable by everybody),
it currently says:

Copyleft Hardware
Full Linux Kernel
OpenWrt distro

I very much appreciate your feedback, you are right this is not good!
Actually as it is with these oversights, we had already planned to change
this text for a while. If you do a 'view source' to look at the HTML of that
page, you will see that we already have commented out replacements there to

Your Ogg Player
Your Wikipedia
Your Dictionary

(seriously, I did not just put this there, it's already there for weeks/months)

The problem is we wanted to wait until we have an official image that really
can do these things (ogg player, wikipedia, dictionary), before advertising
like this on the homepage. And although our images are making good progress,
I think it will be a while until all of those 3 things work well.
So we just left the much older texts there, even though as you say we wouldn't
call the NanoNote 100% copyleft hardware ourselves.
The Qi wiki talks about 'development of copyleft hardware'.

What do you think we should change those 3 items to?

> I'm not upset, but a bit disappointed.

Totally - I really apologize and take your feelings serious. Being misled,
no matter who's 'fault' it was, is not good. Doesn't matter naive, inattentive,
or anything. Our copyleft hardware project is such a long-term project that
we definitely cannot hope to outsmart our customers for a while and run.
In fact we need your continued support and feedback, please keep it coming.

Any good idea what to change those 3 items on sharism.cc to?

Rediscover console apps
OpenWrt distro
Full Linux Kernel


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