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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri May 28 04:23:08 EDT 2010

Christopher, check out the wiki in the Concepts section: "The goal of
Qi is to have 100% Copyleft Hardware."

I think wherever possible should make it clear that is the goal. It is
similar to RMS/FSF trying to have a 100% copyleft OS. Its a goal, but
not always at 100%...


On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 3:25 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at sharism.cc> wrote:
> Chris,
>> > > http://sharism.cc/ : "Copyleft hardware"
>> The part where it says "Copyleft hardware".
> ah OK, got it.
> On the sharism.cc homepage (which is not a wiki and not editable by everybody),
> it currently says:
> Copyleft Hardware
> Full Linux Kernel
> OpenWrt distro
> I very much appreciate your feedback, you are right this is not good!
> Actually as it is with these oversights, we had already planned to change
> this text for a while. If you do a 'view source' to look at the HTML of that
> page, you will see that we already have commented out replacements there to
> say:
> Your Ogg Player
> Your Wikipedia
> Your Dictionary
> (seriously, I did not just put this there, it's already there for weeks/months)
> The problem is we wanted to wait until we have an official image that really
> can do these things (ogg player, wikipedia, dictionary), before advertising
> like this on the homepage. And although our images are making good progress,
> I think it will be a while until all of those 3 things work well.
> So we just left the much older texts there, even though as you say we wouldn't
> call the NanoNote 100% copyleft hardware ourselves.
> The Qi wiki talks about 'development of copyleft hardware'.
> What do you think we should change those 3 items to?
>> I'm not upset, but a bit disappointed.
> Totally - I really apologize and take your feelings serious. Being misled,
> no matter who's 'fault' it was, is not good. Doesn't matter naive, inattentive,
> or anything. Our copyleft hardware project is such a long-term project that
> we definitely cannot hope to outsmart our customers for a while and run.
> In fact we need your continued support and feedback, please keep it coming.
> Any good idea what to change those 3 items on sharism.cc to?
> Rediscover console apps
> OpenWrt distro
> Full Linux Kernel
> Wolfgang
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