Ben wireless connectivity (was: Future Copyleft Devices)

Fernando Carello fcarello at
Fri May 28 05:21:21 EDT 2010

Hello, I second Ron here.

> We are dealing with tons of proprietary stuff everywhere, and since we have
> no secret government funding, we need to find business opportunities in
> the additional freedoms we are creating for our customers, step by step.

This is 100% honest and I absolutely agree with you.

For this very reason, let's focus back on the product you are now selling: the Ben Nanonote.

I feel that to sell more BNNs (so that future projects may receive the needed funding), a certain kind of *standard* wireless connectivity is needed.
This is because of the nature of the Ben (small and light: wired connectivity is a nonsense) and because of the nature of our networks, where 3G and WiFi are widely available.
I don't think it's necessary to add internal proprietary chips: it would suffice to have some sort of BT or WiFi adapter (with a microSDIO interface) for which open source drivers may be written.

Yes, in theory we have that microsd WiFi card, but in practice, it's extremely difficult to purchase and it's extremely pricey.
And there are no microsd BT cards.

A standard SD-size card with sort of a SD-microSD adapter (with a very short cable?) would be OK I think: you snap it in when it's needed.

>From my p.o.v., a BT card would be even more useful than WiFi, but this is because I live in Italy where we have very little in terms of public WiFi; but nearly all of us :-) have an UMTS-capable, BT-equipped cell phone.


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