Ben wireless connectivity (was: Future Copyleft Devices)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri May 28 07:27:22 EDT 2010

all good, thanks for your feedback!

> Yes, in theory we have that microsd WiFi card, but in practice, it's extremely difficult to purchase and it's extremely pricey.

It's not difficult to purchase at all, but pricy yes I agree.
First, Pulster has some in stock, for 89 EUR incl. VAT
For US and other regions, a reliable source is Expansys

This is the only microSD Wi-Fi card on the market, and maybe the only one
that will ever exist. About price, I agree it's expensive, and it will
not come down. The economics of this product just don't work out.
But it's a marvel of technology and actually I can really recommend it for
hackers, just for the joy of seeing this unbelievably small thing at work
in the Ben NanoNote :-)

I still have one I can send to you for hacking for free, from the 10-15
we bought a long time ago to support hackers. If you want to port some
apps that require Wi-Fi connectivity, just let me know and I'll send
it to you. The cool thing about this card is that it works out of the box!
We have done a tremendous amount of work on this card, only to find our
efforts nullified by the brutal economic realities of proprietary technology.
Unfortunately it will be like this over and over again with proprietary
stuff. Been there, done that (multiple times).

> And there are no microsd BT cards.

True. I think Guylhem was planning to hack a Bluetooth module to the NanoNote,
let's see what comes out of that (currently it's stuck because we need to
send him a few more parts).

> A standard SD-size card with sort of a SD-microSD adapter (with a very
> short cable?) would be OK I think: you snap it in when it's needed.

Actually we have already sent such type of adapters to people for free.
(last year's Qi Christmas gift :-))
I can put one in the mail for you if you email me your shipping address.
Does anybody know a full-size SD card with Marvell 8686 or even 8688
(that would include Bluetooth)?
Or one with a well supported Atheros chip?

No worries, we are all well aware how cool it would be if the NanoNote had
more connectivity options. To get there, we need a few more people to buy
Ben NanoNotes today, we need them to hack on them, both port applications,
and also do some hardware hacks which indeed require spending even more
money. That is the unfortunate nature of hardware. We are trying all we can
already to make this as easy and affordable as possible.

Thanks for your feedback again, very appreciated,

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