sdcv - commandline stardict client

Guylhem Aznar nanonote at
Sat May 29 10:42:56 EDT 2010


On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 07:11, jirka <jirka at> wrote:
> I think so. In my opinion it is more practical to have text editor in one
> virtual console, calculator in second console, dictionary in another and
> so on.

With the Fn keys mapped to directly access a virtual console this
would be quite user friendly.

> About wikipedia reader - it would be nice but probably no one exists
> (OpenZIM
> project offers only a web-server based zimreader).

Links could be used, but I have a bad feeling with the zim approach.
What kind of software is used in the wikireader ?

I'd suggest something close to -
it's simple and it works.
Trying to create zim files is complicated. (I tried!)

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